Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quilty dear

Kinda learnt what quilt was.. and AM IMPRESSED! I suppose it was kinda a late entry for me, but it is neat. let me put what i learnt.
quilt can manage patches pretty well.. and works pretty well when you are working on something which is git based. here is a excellent doc http://www.suse.de/~agruen/quilt.pdf explaining what it does.
Simple(halfbaked?) steps:
a) pull your git tree.
b) think up a nice sounding name - bingobaba.patch. quilt new bingobaba.diff
c) quilt edit file -> do this to which ever file u want for a related feature. better still to create neat alias (I have qi - instead of vi)..
d) make, debug, fix,re-fix etc.. till u are ready..
e) quilt refresh -> again a nice lil qr alias will do just fine, but the bingobaba.patch will be updated with what ever changes u want.
(oops.. upstream tree changed)..
f) quilt pop -> off disappears ur changes,
g) do a cg-update synced back up.
f) quilt push -> put ur changes back. continue the qi story...
kinda neat..

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