Friday, April 04, 2008


--Chip industry confronts 'software gap' between multicore,programming--The industry is just starting to address what's being called asoftware gap between a rising tide of multicore processors and a lackof parallel programming tools and techniques to make use of them.

--ARC, Toshiba extend licensing deal--ARC International and Toshiba have extended their partnershipdeveloping configurable multi-processor technology and, as part of thedeal, the Japanese chip maker has also extended its license to use theARChitect Processor Configurator.

--Consolidating the MCU market around the ARM architecture--It's inevitable. ARM's Cortex-M3 processor core is going dominate theMCU market - so says Jean Anne Booth of ARM microcontroller companyLuminary.

I am curious about multi core apps esp on linux.. mebbe something to dig into esp since i have a intel dual core laptop.. as such the load balancing on my ubuntu 7.10 does not look efficient enough (esp when i am watching mebbe something esle is missing in my kernel configuration...

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