Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dreamer Dream on....

Imagine spending time b/w 11pm and 3 am dreaming about embedded computing (as opposed to mobile computing) - technology and hardware is available today
I was given a and am now spending time dreaming about using the tiny computing powerpack and unable to sleep.. kinda wierd.. but then.. imagine this:
linux+android(?) running over s-video on a and a headset to give commands, my GPS +USB wlan+ webcam plugged over USB - if i can get to work on omap3430, the possibilities are awesome... no more cellphones! i can even think of stereoscopic vision(using the additional dvi output). pure open source and free - covering sight, hearing (I cant do much about touch,smell and taste ;) ). but that should account for a pseudo virtual-real world embedded human-machine combination.. i guess i am truely rambling on.. but i am going to give it a shot and see how far i can get..


Vijay Kumar Raju said...

hi there ..... surprisingly i was also thinking about the same lines for projects on my beagle board :). I was really surprised how small and powerful the board is :P. I have ordered mine recently 5 days from cranes software india, Its gonna take a while. I was thinking of a mobile robo or system that can communicate with humans

My idea was to get sphinx4 to beagleboard (must be possible as it is java based)
opencv (image processing) for computer vision like detecting objects identifying faces etc... (not sure whether it works under arm platform, saw somewhere in google about some errors)
festival for text to speech (wont be a problem)

I was also looking to get android on beagleboard. Got some fundaes on how to port to a real hardware, only thing left is to get my hands on the board

Make a opensource gaming console with ps1 and gba emulators and some free games (i have googled and found someone has already copied my idea :) - pandora)

I started with sphinx4; first i need to learn java (had only experience with c and c++)
I have little experience with working with OE buildroot compiling kernel etc.... worked with AT91SAM9263 board

Please let me know how far have u reached and I might need your help in future.

Hahahahahaha now im starting to get dreams :P

Nishanth Menon said...

Hi Vijay,
thanks for your comments. I have managed very little due to my hardheaded belief in doing everything bottoms up.. :( I am working on JTAG and a clean boot loader solution.. however, I do recollect koen having said that sphinx is available in angstrom distribution.. that might be of interest to you. please feel free to discuss on the mailing list with your ideas.. there are many folks with good inputs who can help.