Monday, May 19, 2008

loadb worked!

UbootV2 update: Got broken loadb working today. Infact, loadb+go also works(I somehow dont trust it though..)! things remaining:
a) write a reverse of loadb.c which will work on windows and linux.. probably playaround with Dirk's code a bit.. This should give a possible flashing alternative (phase 1).
b) port/customize lm sensor i2c (David Brownell's new arch) to U-Boot V2. (I need this for twl4030/twl5030 access).
c) Hard part: port usbtty to u-boot v2! this is a messy affair.. :( Steve K promized me with some 2430 ref code.. for some unmentionable reasons, I cant look at musb documentation, so gotta trust the code..and make some sane judgements.. keeping my fingers crossed.
d) another hard part: NAND/NOR/OneNAND for SDP, NAND for zoom MDK and Beagle: Sigh... if only NAND was easy to port.. the code rt now in U-Boot V2 is MESSY!!! wishing MTD could be brought over straight..

(Windows COM1 using modified perlscript)

C:\PerlScripts>perl -p 1 -s z:\tmp\uboot.binBYTES=28692
file_bytes=14700000 prefix_bytes=020003f0 string
bytes=020003f014700000----Please reset the Board NOW (timeout=30 sec)
----Board Detected

Second file download completed
This exe file was created with the

(on Hyper Terminal)

X-load 343x>
X-load 343x> devinfo
X-load 343x> help
? - alias for help
devinfo - display info about devices and drivers
false - do nothing, unsuccessfully
go - start application at address 'addr'
help - print online help
loadb - load binary file over serial line (kermit mode)
true - do nothing, successfully
version - print monitor version
X-load 343x> loadb 0x80000000
## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0x80000000 at 115200 bps...
## Total Size = 0x00007014 = 28692
## Start Addr = 0x80000000
X-load 343x> go 0x80000000
## Starting application at 0x80000000 ...
U-Boot 2.0.0-rc5-git (May 19 2008 - 16:46:29)
Board: Texas Instrument's SDP343x
Malloc Space: 0x87ffdc00 -> 0x87fffc00 (size 8 kB)
running /env/bin/init...not found
X-load 343x>

Weird thing 1: hyperterm screws the port up making my script not work - work around, run terraterm once and close, try perl script again.

Wierd thing 2: For some reason terraterm does not allow me to download over kermit.. some goofup that I currently dont have time to figure out.. I think I'd be better off with writing my own app.. something for folks who cannot afford kermit 95..

Patches are due to be send out on May 21st.. Wednesday..

Friday, May 16, 2008

as an ubuntu user, this hurt

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uboot V2 Prompt Ahoy!!

First look: prompt of Uboot V2 on SDP3430!!! ok different thing it crashed right after that.. still need to figure out.. but the exciting thing.. it is running from SRAM and using malloc and stack space in SDRAM! Kinda neat! I still have to do tons of things before I can send the patches out.. been hacking a lot in code.. need to clean things up first. probably I should be able to send the patch in a week. this will enable us to replace X-loader completely! do make config1 -> u get x-loader, make config2 ->get uboot! simple life.. this will also enable me to do peripheral download.. weeeeeee....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

U-Boot v2 Finally in progress

Phew, things are not settled yet, but U-Boot V2 work has started, the single man army is crunching code ;)... anyways.. for folks interested in my U-Boot patches and discussions on the list, here is quick link for TI ID and this one for gmail id I have been having on the list ;)

I have been struggling the past few days trying to reduce the size of U-Boot (other than OMAP code) to less than 20K. this'd include a simple parser, the very minimal config. Drat! the amount of libraries being packed in was around 53K in size.. I do know that TI's compiler TMS470 is intelligent in not linking stuff which are unused.. after a fair amount of digging, did finally hit the gcc flags. now the bad part.. it kicked out my init functions! drat.. finally tracked it down to the lds KEEP() wrapper. so while i work on OMAP patches at office, I started peeking at Sandbox at home.. and well.. make C=2 does in fact throw tons of warnings-> will look at it if no one is interested in fixing them..

The pain area is organizing OMAP files. I DO NOT want kernel style mach-omap, plat-omap MESS! I am sure TI will have future OMAPs where they can plug in modules (ending up with today's OMAP1 component in OMAP10 or so). I am thinking of a plain mach-omap directory containing module drivers which can be enabled/disabled with Kconfig. all board files will be isolated out - no OMAP specific drivers in board directory, similarly no peripheral specific or board specific files in mach-omap directory. trying to make it my holy grail! lets see how far i get..

by the way, i did do a NS16550 driver for U-Boot V2. staying away from posting it till i proove it working on OMAP..