Saturday, April 19, 2008

linux irc woes

After trying a bunch of terminal irc clients, i decided i wanted an irc client which with go as a task icon to prevent things getting into my way. The closest i got thru was with konversation. Then, RoadRunner my ISP seems to be frequent in having hung DNS, and kaput - konversation goes beserk.. finally i fall back on the legendary x-chat(2) - i need something for office environment, and i have been using icechat for it..(not to mention i hated the interface), anyway.. saw this: x-chat2 Windows.. gotta try it.. now i need to get rid of akregator for RSS.. it is all nice and neat.. but i hate having my rss feeds of one feed end up in another..

Now, why the hell did I not go with x-chat long back?? darn!! I now have tons of plugins also including ones which use festival to call out the message to me when my nick is called.. anyways.. I usually hang out in these irc channels:
irc:// - Omap Linux
irc:// - Memory technology devices
irc:// - U-Boot
irc:// - LM-Sensors channel
irc:// - The tiny beagle site..

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