Saturday, January 16, 2010

how do you start a new year? in style!

it is exciting news and there is no reason for me to do the good old style of a post.. so here it goes:

Jason's state of the beagle address (somehow sounds similar to this - no offense intended ofcourse) had the following highlights (or my view how as an engineer I'd have paraphrased):
  • Beagleboard rocks. (and we have awards to prove it too ;) )..
  • We kinda got screwed by beagle's success initially, but now I think things are better now..
  • beagleboard is getting an engine change soon - blistering speeds ahead dudes.. 720meg beagles.. get those apps rockin..
  • Annnndddd..... Yeeeehaaaawww.. beagleboard XM!!!!!! DM3730(dudes in l-o know the diff with OMAP3630).. wow.. more juice under the hood man... mama mia!!! camera, 4 port ehci, usb2ethernet the good ol' lcd and expansion connectors, everything we all cribbed and wanted our fav beagle to have, is there now! Go Go Gerald ;)
  • for those newbies.. go do the training and get rockin faster..(android/angstrom.. whatever you need is out there!)
  • TI is doing better supporting all of us hacker - so more choices for us to do the best hacks! want to create that automated dishwashing robot which also doubles as your lawn mover and your network router ;) go ahead DO it!
  • yah, as usual, let keep our flames to the usual MLs and ircs..

what heights do we take beagle to? YOU decide ;)