Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creating s/w for people like me..

while downloading ubuntu 8.04 vmware for my office machine, got curious as to how Ubuntu reviews are.. I had a rare hick up with my network(but then I blame my ISP for killing my dns once in a while - yep, they route my not found DNS to thier "awesome" webpage..).. but then hit this: http://contentconsumer.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/is-ubuntu-useable-enough-for-my-girlfriend/

I was like.. hmm.. a story that applies anywhere! I mean, I work officially on a product which tons of developers use.. but never really thought indepth.. Kind of assume all know what a flash device is, what is RAM etc.. but then.. am I right? the average developer is skilled in a specialized area - say multimedia or say GUI development, not all are Linux geeks out there.. hmm... moot point indeed.. I give a message "download" does it mean internet download or what? if i ask the average developer who wants to do GUI/Android development.. go get the kernel from xyz, patch it with blah blah blah, get uboot from abc, flash it with 123, boot up, ohh..yep, u need busybox with blah blah libraries.. drat.. no way to get him up and running in 10 mins.. hmm... not to speak of of gcc versions and gosh.. things I take for granted!

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