Friday, June 12, 2009

few scripts

here is something i just saw -> kinda nice handy scripts useful..
Example A-7. behead: Removing mail and news message headers
Example A-8. ftpget: Downloading files via ftp

Saturday, June 06, 2009

news from my linked in group(opengl/PM/MMC Boot) has already a pretty active community in linkedin.. the following news items were picked up from the groups' Cloumnist update ( ;) thank you.. great job by the way):

GL to GLES converter announced Good for Pandora, the OMAP3 based gaming platform Recommend

TI's OMAP3 application processors address the need for low power without sacrificing performance. Static power management idles a system in a power-efficient state until processing is required, while active power management adjusts More »

White paper: Power-management techniques for OMAP35x


Beagle board MMC boot myths

From: E-R: RSS Columnists | June 04, 2009

Booting a Beagle board from an MMC/SD is easier than what people tell you At the time of this writing, most documentation that you can find on the web about the Beagle board will tell you that you need to take special preparation st More »