Monday, December 10, 2007

Nand Stories

--NAND flash preps for 4 bits per cell--
Single-chip 16-Gbit MLC NAND flash devices from 50-nanometer-classprocesses were introduced in the first half of 2007.

--NAND to scale for several years--
NAND flash is projected to scale at least for another five or soyears, pushing out the need for next-generation or universal memorytechnologies.

--16-Gbit MLC NAND flash weighs in--
To meet increasing demand for more digital storage, leading flashmemory manufacturers are touting their latest single-chip 16-Gbit MLCNAND flash devices. Earlier this year, Toshiba announced a 16-Gbit MLCNAND flash manufactured in the 56-nm process node. Samsung, meanwhile,introduced a 16-Gbit MLC NAND flash using a 51-nm process, a half aprocess node ahead of Toshiba's.