Monday, November 14, 2005

tired of RSS and a bit of weekly highlights

guess lots of people are... here is a blog from bandicoot(LJ) on the same: am *I* Tired of the same?of some time, I have been using sharpreader a neat feed agregator with nice simple interface.( - another result of looking for a free opensource stuff - not quite.. but I love it KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid interface)1. I am sick of things poping up when i am trying to concentrate on something to do2. I think news reading has to do with being relaxing, and reading the terse messages kinda bogs me down3. when I do get the time, I see large chunks of news left for me to read... aieeee..... Kernel panic... ctrl+a shift delete...4. even if do read.. cnet duplicates wired duplicates el register duplicate slashdot duplicates every other darn things... i am back to good ol favourites and reading my fav,, ars technica.. bbc and other normal stuff...Gee.. feels so nice to dump news without having to bother abt it and get shamelessly attracted towards nonsensical images and read dumb news...Among the great achievements of this week has been: ubuntu breezy Badger download - dvd edition (full damn sunday watching azeurus download it over p2p)... Disclaimer: I believe the torrent is legal, then watching the live boot (a " new term" for me - something abt booting from dvd the entire OS - something on the lines of knoppix - but then.. that is how much i have been out of tune with reality!!! heh heh)..Finished a couple more alister maclean novels.. and dats a boring weekend... best part was me trying to clean up the apartment - the bathroom and kitchen got the fullest attention, the rest meant for the next weekend :) - come see the shape of my room... it is pathetic.... (mebbe i should pen a poem and beat the poor vogons)!!Oh yeah.. I guess i forgot... aka ZATHURA.. the jumanji of the space fantasy!!! aieee.. some nice moments.. and the "vorgons" are much better lookin that the vogons themselves!!!!guess a script writer went out of options in names!!! zathura... jeez.. what a name!!! managed to have (err.. gobble) thai food at star of siam...then the movie at lowes... some parts are funny though..kinda musing.. given big bro Sony attitude now adays.. is it worth boycotting sony movies myself? naah.. they sometimes do produce good movies.. ;) why waste the fun? gandhi go find someone else.. am shamelessly and sinfully selfish!!! :Dzerrr..... sleepy time... adios amigos...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

jokes to start a day
so i guess the topic is mathematics!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

be a good coder har har... does not speak of the times when the hardware refuses to bahave to oneself (bah...) and then in the drudgery of mistakes stamp on ur own foot and wonder why am i not moving..... then throw the mouse around and wonder why am i getting angry.... boy they never speak of those stuff in any coding books!!!!

outsourcing and mexico - caramba!!

Holla world... This article: set me off thinking... as to why is mexico a better place to have one's business than asia.. timezones being one... as in my nice asian friend's opinion " they cannot challenge the intellectual capability of asians". that is the biggest bull i have ever heard.. NO. they are at the very least as capable as asians - but then so are the rest of the world... keeping that factor aside.. Asia should market a 24/7 support capability - in the sense that during american daytime it is americans working and during american night it is asians working... compared to same timezone of mexicans... kinda feel if this means - asians are supplementary to American Labor Vs.. Mexicans will be complimentary to American Labor??? One wonders....till then adios amigos... bye the way... i got some amount of mexican friends.. and they are damn nice people.. mebbe a bit nicer than some asians i know of.....