Friday, April 24, 2009

mail reply styles

> it is interesting why you write at the end of the email?
> is this an email style?
There are three styles of email replies that I follow:
a) Follow bottom posting -> this is used by most linux opensource community:
b) For internal emails with respect to a topic, I retain top posting - since it can get forwarded to others who have no clue about the previous discussions, as bottom posting will remove the previous mail context.
c) Mix of both - esp in internal email discussions -> this is when there is multiple responses -> in which case, I copy the contents of the email and paste it again in body of my reply to it. This allows:
i) for people interested in the discussion to get the exact context of my reply without having to refer to the mailchain below to remember what they said..
ii) for people who get the email forwarded to get a context of the email by reading the previous chain..

general style I follow for opensource emails is:

> Original email
> some info
My reply
> some other info
My reply with a link [1]
Nishanth Menon
[1] url to the webpage I refered to

The above format allows for people using Braille or mail to text readers to not listen to conversion of http://someotherpalce/asdasd/asdasdasda.... while listening to the context.. I am just being nice ;)..

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