Tuesday, April 28, 2009

love imap for a short while

saw this script and literally fell in love with it ;).. just changed the interpreter to /usr/bin/python,
./imap.py -a -e --server "IMAPSERVER:993" -u "MyID" -f "INBOX/OPENSOURCE/Linux-OMAP" and bingo give my password and it saves the entire folder as INBOX.OPENSOURCE.Linux-OMAP.mbox -> search in vi for ^From: and bingo you can copy entire patch files for git am to use.. ;)

meanwhile you can easily split the mbox to maildir (multiple files) using mbox2maildir

[Update] I thought it was a good idea, instead of trusting msexchange wordwrapping everything around... I am pretty darn irritated and switched to using mutt instead :(.. except I am DUMB.. i could have used the 'e' and saved what i see where ever i wanted it to be... :(... mutt is pretty darn easy!! all i needed to do was setup a ~/.muttrc as follows:

set realname='Name'
set from="Name <MAILID@SOME.COM>"
set imap_user="ID"
set imap_pass=Password

set folder="{IMAPSERVER:993/ssl}"
set postponed="=postponed"
set record="=Sent Items"
set spoolfile="=INBOX/OPENSOURCE/Linux-OMAP"
set mailcap_path="~/.mailcap"
set sendmail="/usr/sbin/sendmail -oem -oi"

and it is done.. mutt worked with my mail transmitter configured using postfix ;)

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