Thursday, August 13, 2009

Replace CAmELcASiNg with lower_casing

Finally irritated with a bunch of CaMELcASinG, decided to write a small script albeit not too clean or optimized for the job of a search and destroy
Since it is weird to write my own c interpreter to find the right targets to replace, I use output of ctags to generate tags file. if you are using kernel, you could just do a make tags to get the same output file.

# Silly little script to replace CaMELCaSInG to lower_casing
# Half a zillion thoughts later,
# why not use ctags which has c interpreter already to do
# function identification for us?
if [ ! -r 'tags' ]; then
echo "Sorry.. no tags file!"
exit 1
if [ ! -r "$1" ]; then
echo "I need a directory or a file for replacing.."
exit 2
DIR_FILE=`echo "$1"|sed -e "s/\//\\\//g"`
# tags have the following notation in field 4 (tab seperated)
# e - enum value
# d - define
# f - function
# F - File itself
# g - enum type
# m - structure parameter
# p - prototype
# r - kconfig define(refered)
# s - structure type
# t - typedefined variable
# v - variable
# x - extern defined variable
# we can choose to have different rules:
# rename rule i am going to follow:
# Any define -> convert camelcase to lower_case_define->convert to caps
# Any function, enum,struct param,prototype,struct type, typedef var,extern def ->
# camel_case to lower_case_define
# All files will be made unix file only (no point in dos + unix mixtures..)

#* @brief - changes camel casing to ones with smaller case
echo $1|tr '\_' '+' |sed 's/\([A-Z]\)/_\l\1/g' | sed 's/^_\([a-z]\)/\1/g' |\
tr 'A-Z' 'a-z' | sed "s/\([a-z][a-z]\+\)/-\1-/g"|tr -d '_'|\
tr '-' '_'|sed -e "s/_$//g"|sed -e "s/^_//g" | tr '+' '_' |\
sed -e "s/__*/_/g"|sed -e "s/_\([0-9][0-9]*\)/\1/g"|\
sed -e "s/^[a-z]\_\([a-z][a-z]\+\)/\1/g"


#* @brief - all_to_upper - Moves all to upper case
camel_to_norm $1 | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z'

#* @brief generate_list - will generate list of symbols from tags matching
generate_list() {
cut -d' ' -f1,4 $TMPFILE|grep "$1\$"|cut -d' ' -f1|sort|uniq

#* @brief find_files - finds list of files from tag file matching usage
cut -d' ' -f1,2 $TMPFILE|grep "^$1"|cut -d' ' -f2|sort|uniq
# grab the output for only the ones we want..
grep "$DIR_FILE" tags |grep -v "^\!"|sed -e "s/\/\^.*\"/REPLACE_1/g">$TMPFILE

echo "=====>Search and replace for pattern $1 with $2"
# Convert the functions back to smaller case and replace them in the files
for token in `generate_list "[$1]"`
if [ $2 -eq "1" ]; then
new=`camel_to_norm $token`
new=`all_to_upper $token`
if [ "$new" != "$token" ]; then
echo "==>Replacing $token with $low"
for file in `find_files $low`
echo "->replacing $token to $new in file $file"
cp $file $TMPFILE1
dos2unix $TMPFILE1
sed -e "s/\(W*\)$token\(\W*\)/\1$new\2/g" $TMPFILE1>$file
echo "==>not replacing $token"
echo "================= Replacing Defines ==============="
replace_pattern d 2
echo "================= Replacing Functions ==============="
replace_pattern efgmpstvx 1

Replace file_or_directory.

Note, we could definitely customize this by adding prefix or in cases where code originates from windoze environment, removing dw_ dl_ etc.. that is pretty easy to do once you pick on tags and know what to do for output ;)

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