Thursday, January 03, 2008

finally back on track again...

What a journey... 2 years of 17 inch laptop to today's 12 inch laptop... My old laptop been dead for a month now.. finally got my new lenovo thinkpad tablet working.. (yep.. Linux is pending.. :D mebbe I will go ubuntu this time).. Love the compact light and extreme configuration... only I got me vista 32 bit and 4GB of RAM but only 3GB visible due to the 32bit OS. Linux should fix it (will save me 139$ for moving to vista 64 bit ultimate).. what else.. blazing config core duo T7200 proc, 4GBRAM, 7200RPM HDD blah blah blah... On the downside of things:
a) only rescue CD - the full Disk image or nothing... no customization seen :(
b) hate the function key next to control key..
c) missing touchpad. the control stick is kinda cute... but i am a onehand user of laptops
d) love the light weight, low heat laptop (my wife's HP is literally capable of making a omlette)..
e) love the tablet features.. vista handwriting recognition is: quote my wife:"capable of reading your chicken scratch".. i guess that means it is good :)
f) for the $$ spend, a 30$ cam on the screen and a on screen mic might have been good addition
g) overall - satisfied so far..
Follow up comment: I got Ubuntu working in a breeze, but no wlan still.. :(

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