Wednesday, October 10, 2007

uboot follies!

Ok today I had a look of Makefile.. Denx supports a unified make file unlike the strategy in kernel. There are some interesting snippets of code in the same. In short, we could have something for configs as follows:

__ _config
SiliconName = omap2420, omap3430,
boardName = sdp,osk,apollon etc
Special = Boot Mode -> e.g. nand/onenand or defined boot mode for that platform.

Now, should i have es versions??? 3430 es1 and es2 are different enough to have two code definitions?

One thing I don’t agree to : u-boot.arm/doc/README.ARM-SoC
does not facilitate re-use -> coz I might want to reuse across arm versions.. and this does not let me do it..

I am getting diverted again -> this time it is U-boot v2!!!!
cg-clone u-boot.v2
let me see what sacha has got...

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