Tuesday, October 09, 2007

OMAP Uboot port work started

I am starting off with a fresh OMAP port of uboot. Nothing is proper unless i answer some of my questions..

Why Do this?
* The main reason of doing this is coz I am sick and tired of crappy code and repatch folks have been doing.. and am hoping that I can do a clean reuse for OMAP platform
* U-boot is largely ignored for maybe the lack of fame and fortune stuff, but I kinda like it at the moment, coz it reminds me the first line of code i wrote for 2430 port.. it was in uboot.. on virtual platform. kind of presilicon. pressures were high, could never do a clean job then.. here is a chance to get things right..
* I am kind of tired doing my "project" work
* My wife is getting busy for her exams and other than an hour's walk, I wont get troubled much for a week at least (I hope ;) ).

What is my plan?
I am hoping to integrate a lot of modules and avoid repetitions where possible.. e.g.:
why have multiple board file for each of omap2420 platforms?
GPMC as an example remains common thru out, why not isolate it out...
FPGA is another example..
maybe I'd move with kernel like plat-omap, mach-omap1,mach-omap2 etc.. I don't know yet.. i will discuss my ideas with the list..
I will post every activity, thoughts i have on this blog, label such blogs with uboot, so it is a nice thing to check out *if* you are interested in this activity.. also u can let me know if you would like to contribute and any ideas, wish list etc is most welcome.

PS: Google's spell check sucks :( no add to dic option.

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