Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some Interesting News

Micro AB receptacles to replace Mini AB receptacles announces this. So, to see a such a connector or cable, a bit of google: From here I got the following info:

Micro-A plug (white)
Micro-AB receptacle (gray)
Micro-B plug
Micro-B receptacle (black)
hehe that is useful for color blind folks too :)

Standard-A receptacle to Micro-A plug (no other adaptors allowed).
Quote: Micro-USB plug is rated for 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles. It is
about half the height of the mini-USB connector in widespread use today but
features a similar width.
I hear it is stainless steel also :).. Ok, now my Mot A1200 gets plugged in and out of USB cable at my desk around 5 times a day, and once in house on average, that gives me like 4 year or so life time for my cable.. Err.. where are those days where u buy a TV and expect it to last 20 years ;).. just kiding ofcourse.. (my dad has a 15 year old TV and loves it)..

Tons of pages later, I get here..(warn: link might go to archive in the site) and finally get to see a supplier. and another german supplier here(English Translation).
Palm's FollyOh or JollyYO?
--Palm's Foleo gets mixed reactions--Palm Inc. launched today the Foleo, an
ultra thin, light andinexpensive notebook-like companion for a smartphone, but
the conceptis already being greeted by mixed reviews. More here and here
I mean that thing looks crap - i like UMPC size of a N800 with a full LCD+touchscreen better.. speaking of which.. hmm 500 quid.. errr.. dats same cost as N800 duh?
folly oh
Microsoft's ScarFace
If you are a Unspeakable-Named-Company fan.. well this is gonna hurt.. the "NEXT" "IN" "THING" in technology: BAH!! tslib+tsc2101+kdrive with a sensible configuration... I dont like my computing to be stuck looking down(Ive got enuf neck issues of my own) Though the page shows the forefiger.. I feel like giving it the "you-know-which" finger.. I suppose the servers are overloaded for the videos to pop up, so check out the history sections.. kinda gives u the feel..


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Follow up comment: it could be using TI's DLP solution..