Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PandaBoard un-veiled: get even more power with dual core ARM cortex A9 OMAP4!

This year seems to be the year of the hacker community :) TI opened PandaBoard for early adopters today :).. Good details on PandaBoard here. The usual goodies schematics and userguide etc are already up as well.. Some of the stuff that impressed me:
  • HDMI AND DVI options
  • HSUSB hub and Ethernet yaay..
  • Serial port is a decent serial port and no weird wiring needed ;)
  • Connectors pin compatible to beagle and xm.. :)
  • Did I forget to say you have 1271 onboard wlan??
And lots more.. Just love this Baby.. I run ubuntu at home on my panda (yep, am already part of the PEAP - PandaBoard Early Adopter Program) and working on getting MeeGo up and running as well. Supported in mainline kernel and mainline u-boot as well.. :) fun time ahead with multi core processing ;)

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