Friday, August 27, 2010

Public OMAP4 TRM released

TI has released public OMAP4430 TRM and clock tool in the official site today. :).. yaay..
[WARNING 17 Oct 2012]: ALWAYS GO HERE for the very latest documentation - Thanks to a few people ignoring the "official site" link above

TRM gives you indepth insight into what OMAP4 is all about
and the clock tool is my favourite tool especially to understand the complex clock framework dependencies on OMAP chips - the released version is custom to TI OMAP4 platform though.. but effective tool if you like to learn/debug/understand the clock framework dependencies -> all the way from the oscillator you use on the board to the clocks you use in the functional block of interest..

originally note from Mythri on Linux OMAP
[update: ctt wiki]

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