Wednesday, October 14, 2009

few new things I see on linux-omap kernel community

After a long while of staying off linux-omap, been watching it rather closely recently.. here are some interesting stuff I saw this month:
  • Power Management: Operating points and general PM strategy for handling for various silicons here
  • Silicon Feature support for OMAP3 here
  • New silicon support: OMAP35xx and 36xx support being introduced.
  • Discussion on memory and cache issue here
  • ETM, ETM support here
  • few new PMIC - 6030 and 5031
  • hints of wl1251 support getting upstream
  • IO_ADDRESS is dead use io_remap like the rest of the world
  • spring cleaning of omap850/730 series
and of course a bunch of stuff I have missed posting here such as move to 2.6.32-rc4 by Tony and Kevin, both pushing out patches to mainline etc.....


Guilhem said...

Interesting PM Patch tracking blog I will tryout the ETM one ;P
It might help me allot on my debugging phases :P

Roshi said...

Nisanth, when can we expect to see2.6.32-rc4 for OMAP3?

Nishanth Menon said...

on generic linux:
2.6.32-rc5 is available in TI sync tree, while the 2.6.32rc7 is available with Tony's tree.

More here

On Android: I think that is mostly a google team's decision.. they are still on 2.6.29 as I know it.