Thursday, August 28, 2008

omap u-boot-utilities released!!

Finally, it is out.. nothing great as of each of the tools.. but these are handy little blokes to have around.. see the announce here
Links to the project sites:
* Source Code hosting: Git Hub
* Binaries, Defect tracking and Documentation: -

pserial history:
They started off coz, I wanted something to work on windows and Linux equally well and I had nothing on hand.. the first app I ever wrote in this thread of thought was the perl script here. Now, perl is good but it can turn ugly too- esp for a new guy poking around.. hence wanted a pserial with a c version. While, doing that with windows, I set myself some weird targets:
a) I will not use cygwin or vmware -> I wanted folks to use the exes without worrying about where the lib files should be got from!
b) It will provide the user apis to be as similar as possible.
I ended up with MingW compiler for windows, and the usual gcc for linux.

pusb history:
Incidently around the same time Dirk and I had a interesting few days getting usb apps working -> which we both did in our own ways. Dirk's code is accessible here. I must say, we had been thinking about this w.r.t doing a custom driver + app.. but libusb seems to have done it all before.. The only hickup was getting Win32 version of it functional.

ucmd history:
Many days later while trying to download I hated having to switch windows between hyperterm and pserial command window, and decided to be lazy and write a ucmd -> something to send commands to uboot!

ukermit history:
This has an interesting story of me getting tired of using ckermit and hyperterminal and finally deciding to write my own kermit application custom to u-boot which I could run from command line in windows and linux. Note: This does not mean u-boot wont work with standard apps.. Mine is just one which you can tweak around (like the -d option) for u-boot!

That is long short story of how all of these started... anyways.. So have fun and send your patches if you like things and could fix things up -> esp the irritating usb2serial convertor and pserial issue!!

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