Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long gone yet dreaming

It has been a hectic few weeks recently.. couple of more weeks to go before i get enough time to get to opensource again.. but it has been interesting few days, some real cool new devices to play with, pretty short challenging timelines, and yet, things seem to go fine..

Some interesting news: Sacha did finally put out a branch on u-boot v2 for i2c I still need to look at that. this is required for getting u-boot v2's USB mode working talking to TWL4030/5030 transciever is over i2c.

Dirk has been reminding me to put out patches I had been stocking the last few days: nand, etc.. I was hoping I could do it today, but i am worn out :( (sorry Dirk.. I break my promise yet again.. )..

And guess what? I finally did get my Head mounted display last week.. kinda low res at 640x480.. and composite video.. should be fine though for beagle. Khasim did say that he got USB camera streaming working on Angstrom, + Koen reports having Sphinx voice recognition and festival text to speech working.. now to put them all together along with a usb to wlan adapter to create a demo device of next generation machine enhanced human (a.k.a me having a short circuit ;) )..

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