Monday, March 17, 2008

caramba! back to uboot-v2

Just started off with uboot-v2 port on my "unamed" board. My objectives:
a) get uboot build to work from SRAM with basic uart support, probably usb later on if i can port the gadget driver from linux kernel.
b) configure clocks and get SDRAM up and running.
c) attempt kernel bootup - now, this i expect to be a pain...
d) support nand
e) support nor, and get support for SDP (low in personal priority currently - but should be a no-brainer hopefully).

Schedule is going to go thru one file a day(or atleast a week depending on my "office work" load)..

Today is going to be start.s lets see if we can get a concensus or flame war on the list.. this is critical as most boards share the same code.. as long as it is V4 ISA, things should be fine.. I would not dream of thumb in this peice of code.. by the way, Sascha Hauer is the custodian for uboot-v2 as I was told on the uboot irc.


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Nishanth Menon said...


Nishanth Menon said...

uboot hopes squashed... :( kinda goin to stay away from touch my domain in opensource... touchy touchy.. :(