Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Android Waves!!!! OMAP is on Rock and Roll!!!

For the folks watching out news, here is a news:
a bit funny watching all folks fight over things.. Interesting response from Symbian:

Also see the competition from Qualcomm and NEC boards:

The interesting part is that SDP3430 looks hellua lot better that these.. Brain, Brawn and Beauty = SDP??

Anyways, sneaky open labrador... in org.. mebbe it is not time for me to announce, but keep watching TI's offerings for Developers like you and me.. finally boards we can afford, and pretty cool ones too :)

On other news, Android fever, see some interesting snaps:

The interesting part is TI is showing off OMAP3430 and 850 based Android
demos. the link
http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,142369-page,1/article.html seems to summate TI offering to be more "finished" product.

Well, so it is.. Just Rockin...

On the other hand, I have been thinking of android, the opportunities for service folks abound:

a) Base port customization - damn well easy to do once u have a omap port and the base kernel in the git tree

b) Apps - development now has a stable standard to develop for - no fighting over kde,glib and what not..

c) productization - look and feel, stability - lots more opportunies there too...

Things are looking pretty interesting now..


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like my SDP :)

Vanya Malhotra said...

this post really attractive like know about android wave