Thursday, June 28, 2007


Business :
--Programmer shortage: A problem, but what kind? How bad? And how to
solve it?--
Convinced that the software programmer crisis is due to fewer college
students coming into technical fields, Jack Ganssle points to "stark
numbers" that have convinced him of the urgency of the problem.

--Five chipmakers control 32% of manufacturing, says analyst--
Samsung, TSMC, Intel, Toshiba, and UMC had the five largest shares of
the world's chip manufacturing capacity at the end of 2006, with a
combined capacity of just over 2.9 million 200-mm equivalent wafer per
month. They accounted for 32 percent of total wafer capacity as of
year-end 2006, according to market research company IC Insights.

--Big shakeup predicted in flash memory markets--
The market for trapped charge and phase change memories is set to
outpace many other flash memory sectors and capture a 30.7 share of
the $56.5 billion market in 2012, according to market research group
Web-Feet Research Inc.

--Intel to get more bang for 45-nm buck --
With its new fab and capital efficiency programs in place, Intel Corp.
is readying a massive shift towards 45-nm chip production.

--WirelessHD readies 60-GHz spec--
The WirelessHD group has released its specification for 60-GHz radios
for short range, high bandwidth home networking for final review.

--To save power, embedded tries multicore --
Like their microprocessor-making cousins in the X86-based PC world,
suppliers of high-end embedded processors appear to be raising the
white flag in the breakneck megahertz race.

--Behind the curtain at Intel research--
The chip vendor rolls out research prototypes in chips, mobile
computing, and tera-scale computing.

--Make sure your projects succeed--
How to prevent your bright ideas and hard work from going the way of
the wastebasket.

--Why I Became an Engineer--
Why did you become an engineer?

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