Saturday, March 10, 2007

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--TI's CEO sees new chip drivers --The semiconductor market may be mature and feeling the brunt of aslowdown. But there are still many new and untapped markets in the ICarena, namely in medical, video, among others, said Richard Templeton,president and chief executive at Texas Instruments.

--ARM tips plans for next-generation processor--ARM Holdings plc, the licensor of processors and related intellectualproperty, has tipped sparse details of plans for a next-generationprocessor a follow on to the three processor cores the comprise theCortex series.

--1.2 percent dip in chip sales 'reflect seasonal decline'--Sales of semiconductors in January were worth $21.47 billion inJanuary, up 9.2 percent on the corresponding month in 2006, accordingto the Semiconductor Industry Association. However, this represents aseasonal decline of 1.2 percent from the $21.74 billion reported inDecember.

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