Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mot A1200

Lol, spend a big chunk of a day looking for a Linux based cell in India.. ended up with an Intel Xscale based Motorola A1200... runs a mv 2.4 kernel.. the kernel is posted here:
The fun part - i tried joining the sourceforge like project, heh heh, no thanks came the reply :)
Quote "
Your request to join the project, A1200 has been denied.
Comment from admin: Hello,
This project is only for the distribution of our open source software. Project membership does not grant you any privileges beyond what you get simply by being logged into the site (e.g. discussions forums and downloads). Keep watching this site for other projects that are open to community participation.
". I am heart broken.. not even a list to discuss the kernel and hack it up :( - blame it on me being lazy. interesting to read this set of cries:

I bet Nokia does way better with the maemo... hackers.. next time choose nokia ;)

Wish mot had put up a 2.6 based kernel at least.. :(.. and worst, no tools at to compile, hack arnd with the phone.. :( mebbe i have'nt spend enough time screwing arnd with it.. it plays awesome real player movies, good audio (first time i saw a 5 pin headset :D). Interestingly, i recently saw my friend's Symbian Series 60 based phone which uses ABCD processor.. and boy, it gives worse quality o/p compared to my A1200 (which by the way has an awesome battery life-wish i'd see it's powermanagement code )..

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