Monday, January 02, 2006

keyboard and mouse also work now

mouse problem: evdev was compiled as a module(CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=m in my .config) .

InputDevice "ALPS Touchpad"
#InputDevice "Configured Mouse"

in ServerLayout
and now either make "CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y" and recompile kernel OR modprobe evdev needs to run before kdm ran, and for this i hacked the /etc/rc5.d/S99kdm and added (lsmodgrep evdev)(modprobe evdev)
This works... has more details on kubuntu setup.
the class is this:
To get the Front-Panel media buttons working, it is necessary to map them to the standard XF86-Audio button symbols on X11 startup. A script to do that is here. To have it run automatically in KDE, place it (or a symlink to it) into your ~/.kde/Autostart/ directory. The volume up, down, and mute buttons are handled internally by kmilo (which you might need to install: apt-get install kmilo). To have xmms use the play, pause, prev, next, and stop buttons, I had to download and install the appropriate package: apt-get install xmms-xf86audio and then enable it in the xmms preferences.
weee... the volume control also works now...

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