Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Got this new fad about installing debian with winxp on my laptop. config is a Dell Inspiron 9300 with 1gig RAM, 80 Gig HDD wireless, bluetooth Kinda guess that the ubuntu version is easier to install, had already downloaded ubuntu and burnt on a dvd, but kinda thinking that it might be fun with debian..
target is :
1. all hardware systems up and running -
a. including all the special keys+
b. wireless lan+
c. bluetooth so that
i. i can use the bluetooth headset (logitech). hmm..
d. and also get my logitech joystick
e. mousy all working and
f. my creative webcam.. :)
g. mah pharos GPS hardware (I got it with microsoft streets and trips.. kinda interesting to have the microsoft logoed hardware work with linux.. just for the kicks..)
2. S/w
a. chat clients (basic guys I exist on) -
i. yahoo-with good ol video
ii. gmail - with audio
iii. msn
iv. skype
b. voice recognition and tts (Text To speech - not adding any 'i's inbetween u sickheads... :) )
c. office s/w (dont wanna do vpn from linux.. kinda pain in.. u know where)
d. lemme think.. yeah any open source GPS software folks??
e. GAMES.. LOTSA of them...
f. semagic/something equivalent for putting up mah deadly dumb posts.. ;)

ok Limited imagination - enuf for the time.. oh yeah - gotta remember to call up microsoft again to re-activate my microsoft office XP :( arrgh... pain in the...*%^$%^$@$ )
ok this calls for a 50-50 division of the harddisk.. ;) 40 gig each dude??

back '98 I'd have laughed at the wishlist!!

currently got jigdo working and downloading - remember - jigdo runs better from cmd..

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