Wednesday, November 02, 2005

outsourcing and mexico - caramba!!

Holla world... This article: set me off thinking... as to why is mexico a better place to have one's business than asia.. timezones being one... as in my nice asian friend's opinion " they cannot challenge the intellectual capability of asians". that is the biggest bull i have ever heard.. NO. they are at the very least as capable as asians - but then so are the rest of the world... keeping that factor aside.. Asia should market a 24/7 support capability - in the sense that during american daytime it is americans working and during american night it is asians working... compared to same timezone of mexicans... kinda feel if this means - asians are supplementary to American Labor Vs.. Mexicans will be complimentary to American Labor??? One wonders....till then adios amigos... bye the way... i got some amount of mexican friends.. and they are damn nice people.. mebbe a bit nicer than some asians i know of.....

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