Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Fav Opensource mailing lists

Couple of students from my alma mater (CREC, now known as NITC) are starting work on u-boot for a new OMAP3430 based platform (yes... you are going to hear about it in the lists pretty soon about this cheap and cool lil fella).. some links anyway helps, here goes:

Mailing Lists:

ARM Mailing List:
Maintainer: Russel King (rmk)
Details: ARM kernel mailing list

OMAP Mailing List:
Maintainer: Tony Lindgren
Details: OMAP

Linux MTD Mailing List:
Maintainer: David Woodhouse
Details: Flash filesystems/chip drivers etc.. kernel mainly

Linux Audio Mailing List:
Maintainer: Dunno..
Details: name explains.. usually userspace stuff.. I just merely glance at it once in a while

I2C Mailing List:
Maintainer: Jean Delvare
Details: I2c stack discussions for Linux kernel

Linux Driver Project:
Maintainer: Greg K H
Details: an ambitious project hoping to get people who want to do project do it for free provided companies provide h/w and folks are ready to sign NDA to get thier hands on some cool stuff... i have not seen much interesting things here so far..

Davinci List:
Maintainer: I think it is Rishi Bhattacharya, not sure though..
Details: TI Davinci discussions

Das Uboot List:
Maintainer: Denx A.k.a Wolfgang Denk
Bootloader: redboot is another alternative... more famous with Linux, though I've seen folks use it with symbian, Wince etc..

Interested in some cheap OMAP puppies? Choose your favourite: Alsatian, Beagle, Bull Dog, Dalmatian, Labrador... you get the picture... two names of these come pretty neat.. targetting various developer segments and making it "OMAP for the masses" boards... Lot more news in the coming weeks...

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